Jun 1, 2016

Need Gaming Laptop under 30k?

Pankaj Sagar
Ques. I want to buy a laptop Under Rs 30000 which should have.

windows 10 ,1 tb hard drive ,4 gb ram ,15.5 or 15 inch Screen with touch & for a great gaming experience a good graphics card like nvidia.

Please also tell me about some lenovo yoga modals which could fit in this requirements or else tell me the best laptops with Above requirements.

Ans. Lenovo yoga at this budget does not have the specifications for gaming. You can consider the below two options:
Lenovo G50-80 80E502ULIN 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3 5005U/4GB/1TB/Window 10 Home/ATI Exo Pro R5 M330 2GB Graphics), Black

Asus A555LF-XX362T 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3-5010U/4GB/1TB/ 2GB NVIDIA GT 930 GRAPHICS/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Matte Silver

Although they are a bit over budget but you can get them for a lower price in your local market with some good bargaining skills.

We only recommend lenovo and Asus laptops as other brands have less reliability than the two.

Also do keep in mind that a gaming laptop will be able to play latest games for around 4 years after that you will have to contend with older games as newer ones will demand more graphics power than what your laptop has at that point in time. So the "gaming-life" of a laptop is typically 3-4 years.

Gaming consoles are a better option in this regard as games are made according to the console's specification. 


  1. This is the first time i am planning to buy a laptop.
    I am totally new at this can’t just choose the right one.
    My buget is 35k (approx.) And i want a laptop with graphic card and good performance .
    Which brand i should go for and which laptop.

    Badra Malik | GEO TV

  2. I always like to play computer game on my hp laptop which is having core i 5 processor.'

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  3. There are also those laptops that have been refurbished. Others may have some insignificant scratches or dents in appearance that do not affect the performance of the equipment. James Dean

  4. I always like to play computer game on my hp laptop which is having core i 5 processor.
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