Dec 9, 2015

Lenovo K3 Note aux cable concern


 Prakash N
Ques. I have a Lenovo K3 Note. It works fine for most part except when i connect it to my car's aux port. I am able to hear the voice of caller but my voice isnt going through. Once i remove the aux cable, everything works fine.

In smart phones mic and headphone jack is same. So when you connect the aux port to car's audio system the phone detects it as a head phone and aspects it to have a mic. So all the audio output and input is delivered and received through aux port. 

Since car's audio system does not support mic and voice feed back, you are forced to remove the aux cable at the time of call.


  1. Prakash3:15 PM

    Hi Adit, Thanks for the prompt reply. My previous phone Xperia L, and with many other phones, i am still able to talk through the phone mic even when connected to car aux port. This seems to be an issue specifically with Lenovo K3 Note. Is it due to the fact that it also has a noise cancellation mic

  2. Cool! This version will become mine soon.