Oct 18, 2015

which Dlink Wifi router for home ?

Moumila Das
Ques. I have a requirement of using my home broadband connection through a wi-fi router and after going through all my internet research I have short-listed two products, viz., DIR-605L and DIR-615. please help me to choose between them.If you can answer my following questions :

1. What are the basic differences between these two models.

2. From a previous query I got to know that , for DIR-605L the antennas are 5dBi and for DIR-615 the antennas are 2 dBi, but in flipkart product details I can see both has a 5dBi antennas. So please confirm which one is true.

3. Are both of them coming with manufacturer warranty or is there any difference warranty wise?

4. Finally, for basic home use purpose, to cover two floors and 800 to 1000 sq ft. of area, and to use 3 to 4 device, which one will be better?


There is not much of a difference between the two Wi-Fi routers(except their looks), Both are Wireless N 300 routers,
        i.e they both will give 300 Mbps of speed over Wi-Fi. 
As far as specifications are concerned always refer the manufacturers website for that, because for all these e-commerce website the data entry is done by people who are not aware of technical terms.Currently Both the routers come with 5dBi gain antennas.

As both the products are from the same manufacturers they come with the same manufacturer's warranty.

To cover 2 floors and 1000 sq ft. of area there modems are apt. You just need to place the router in the center of the house placed at some height so that it's range equally covers the whole house.

We would recommend you to go with any one of these ( one with a lower price tag).