Jul 24, 2015

Want to buy a router with usb port in it

saurab godse
Ques. my home has thick and huge walls due to which there is no availability of 3g network inside house, only 2g ..
My pc is in my study , nd i've seen that i get nice 3g superfast net at my backyard.  i have a usb 3g dongle and a pc .I want to buy a router with usb port in it and then i will connect dongle to it and keep it in my backyard and using cables bring connection to my pc.Will this work ??Suggest me some good and cheap router for same .Is 'TP-Link TD-W8968 WirelessADSL2+ Router' good  ?

Remember  here  signal quality is  low , and no broadband provider.

Ans.  Thick walls should also affect 2g network and not only 3g. Yes your plan will work,
          TP-Link TD-W8968 Wireless ADSL2+ Router is good and will serve the purpose.
        you can plug in your dongle in the USB Port which is for 3G Modem Sharing and other purposes and share the connection through LAN and WiFi.



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  3. once try in latestone.com