Jul 4, 2015

Please Suggest me a best Microwave oven ?

Pankaj SagarGorakhpur

Ques. Please Suggest me a best Microwave oven Under Rs 12000. I have 5 members in my family so please specify by the Capacity or the size of oven.

Microwave ovens are mostly used for reheating the food and once in a blue moon for cooking or baking cakes, when it comes to Indian kitchens.

So we would suggest the larger the capacity the better.

LG is a good brand and it's products are good and after sales service is one of the best.
has a power out put of 800W(watt) ( will cook your food fast), comes with 21 L of capacity to accommodate large bowls.
Also comes with 48 Indian auto cook menu.

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  1. There are lots microwave ovens are flooded in the market and really difficult to choose best one. You are given nice option but its up to user because everyone have their choices.