May 26, 2015

Use Airtel 4G router as Wifi router without sim

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Ques. I have Airtel ZTE MF29 device..As if right now i am not using that device with airte sim card. But i want to use that device as a wifi router..So what settings i need to change so that i can use that device as wifi router.

Ans. Access the router configuration page, is usually at (type in browser window and hit enter)
Username/Password : admin/admin
Or in some cases: root/admin
If you are unable to login with the above credentials, check with the customer care for the steps to access the router configuration page.
After you are inside the router config, look for the following settings and put as specified:
Operation Mode : Cable Broadband
 WAN Mode : DHCP

If this does not work, put the device in ' bridge mode' that too you will find somewhere in the configuration settings. But do remember that this mode may not let you see the configuration settings once it is put in this mode. You will have to disconnect your ISPs cable or of that does not work you might need do a hard reset of the Airtel router.

Do all the above steps after removing the SIM from the router.

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