May 20, 2015

Should I upgrade my MIcromax Bolt to Jellybean?

lucifer tanise

Ques. how  can  i  upgrade  my  android  ginger  bread  to  jelly bean  i  have  micromax  bolt.

Ans. TechTantrik does not recommend upgrading your phone to jelly bean. We understand that new features in the jelly bean operating system may sound very enticing but always remember how those new features will use the phone resources like memory, processor etc. Each new feature requires thousands of lines of code. More the code more will be the processor and memory usage. This is the fundamental concept behind all operating systems. You will notice this even in the size of the operating system, how a newer operating system is always bigger in size than a previous version.

As the upgrade was not released officially by the manufacturer, our explanation is most probably the reason for it. Android OS itself is a resource hungry operating system. Putting jelly bean in your phone might seem rosy for a few initial weeks but later on you will see a lot of occasional lags and freezes.

Still if you want to go ahead and install jelly bean you can do so using instructions provided in the link below. But don't forget that this procedure is a bit complex to do and may even render your phone useless if not done correctly.

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