May 8, 2015

Is flipkart avoiding my ip address.?

ujjawal joshi
Ques. I have made purchases on After the purchase I had a lot of issues with them. I communicated with them through email. Now the problem is that flipkart doesn't open on my laptop. I there something fishy. It opens on my mobiles very easily. Is there anything like hacking or flipkart avoiding my ip address. Kindly help.

          No, there can't be anything fishy. flipkart or any other e-retailer will not block you IP as every time you access the internet from your home, your Internet Service Provider provides you with a new IP i.e dynamic.

Moreover blocking any IP address for an E-retailer means loss of business. So, be assured that's not possible.

If the website is accessible for your phone over WiFi then the issue is at the laptop end.

We would suggest you to clear your web browser history,cookies and other browsing data and try again.
Would also recommend you to use Google Chrome as the default web browser.

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