May 14, 2015

Every electrical appliance gets overheated in the house

Ujjawal Joshi
Ques. Every electrical appliance gets overheated in the house. Recently in one of the flats the ac got burned. Can there be an electrical problem in the house. If so what can be the solution . Does this affect electricity bill. The apartments are 30  years old .

There can be two reasons for electrical appliance over heating.

If the appliance over heats when connected on a particular switch board: the connections on the switch board are loose  because loose connection  generate a high wattage leading to appliance over heating 

If the overheating is encountered all over the house then the Neutral wire should be earthed properly.

Neutral to Earth Voltage difference should be zero.

This does not affect your electricity bill, The only thing that affects electricity bill is it's usage. 

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