May 10, 2015

CISS system for inkjet printers

Yash Yennam
Ques. So I have HP Deskjet 1000 (will modify that for CISS need help for that too in Mumbai, Please suggest if anyone can do that for fair price) and  tp link wr740n (Which is connected to just one PC)

I want to connect my printer to wifi directly without sharing via my PC (just to save power my PC uses!)

Since my printer is not supported for network nor does my wifi has USB port. what alternatives do I left with?

So there any cable like USB(Female) to Ethernet(male) will that work?
Or any other solutions are welcomed.

Ans. Continuous ink supply system or more commonly called the CISS is an ingenious way to counter the problem of replacing expensive inkjet cartridges again and again. But the inkjet system is a highly flawed system. Even a CISS system will have the same problems as a normal ink jet world like streaks in print due to the ink head clogging up or drying of the ink. It is also more prone to ink leaks. Inkjets are so fragile that if you do not use it for two weeks, most probably your ink would dry up and you would have to clean the print heads or worse buy a new head altogether. Our recommendation would be to ditch the inkjet and buy a network enabled laser printer instead for complete peace of mind.

If you still want to go for the CISS or you need color printing in which case a color laser printer costs too much, you can look for installation in Mumbai's lamington road.

Also Epson ink tank printers have fared better than any aftermarket CISS systems, also do have a look at those.

For using the printer on your network without your PC, you need a router with a print enabled USB port like this one :

This router works on both ADSL and WAN internet connections. 

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