Jan 10, 2015

will US bought Note 3 N9005 work in India ?

Yash Nara

Ques. hello sir
I want to buy a galaxy note 3 n9005 from US
will it work here ? or I have to solve some issues for it to work

Ans. Note 3 n9005 will work in India. But only on 3g and 2g and not on 4g. 
         As Note 3 n9005 supports FDD Lte Bands and 4G in india is on TDD LTE bands.
To make Note 3 N9005 work you need to unlock the Regional SIM lock.
 Just make sure the phone is activated in US only after purchase with local service provider SIM. This procedure unlocks the regional SIM lock and after that phone can be used with any international SIM.


  1. Basically if a phone from US which is locked to US network cannot be used in India with an Indian SIM card. It must be unlocked in prior. I too unlocked my US phone using unlock code and using it in India. I got the unlock code for my cell phone from Unlocking4U.com at affordable cost with an easy unlocking guide.