Jan 6, 2015

laptop in the range of 20-25k - Jan 2015

Adi M

Ques. Please Suggest a laptop in range 20-25k. No gaming. Only document work, internet surfing and movie watching. Acer, Lenovo and Sony brands.

Ans. Gaming is one of the things that requires a high end configuration, as you do not want a gaming laptop you are going to do a pretty fine job at finding a good laptop at this budget.

Techtantrik's preference is always of the order Lenovo > Asus > Sony > Acer based on the reliability and dependability of the laptop. This ranking is based on our years of survey done and experience regarding various brands of laptops. Stay away from hp/Compaq/HCL and other brands. These may offer a better bang for your buck performance wise but they have the most cheapest hardware and body materials. Dell is only good till its full cover warranty lasts (even in the warranty period around 40% of the Dell owners have to get almost all the internals changed due to problems) . Later on the additional warranty cover will cost you a lot.

Our recommendation will be a Lenovo or Asus.

Things to keep in mind while buying a laptop:
A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is a must in today's date. (strict requirement, don't settle for anything less than this)
Graphics card not needed as you are not going to use it for heavy games.
Processor: More the cores you can get more the merrier it is.

You can get a much lower price in your local market than what is quoted in flipkart or other online shopping sites.

Brush up your bargaining skills and head to lamington road or any other such big computer markets to get the best price deal.

Some recommendations that you can look into:



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