Jan 6, 2015

Internet on android phone using RJ45 ethernet cable

Suyash Agarwal

Ques. Hello!! There are several lan ports in my college. Can i connect my android phone(4.2.2) to lan port via micro usb to rj45 converter

Ans. The product on the link you suggested will never work for internet access (It may only work for charging), what can work is this : http://www.amazon.com/Smays-Ethernet-100Mbps-Network-Adapter/dp/B008N3BTWY

Even this is not guaranteed to work on all tablet/phones. 

See below what the seller says about this: 
"This adapter will not work if YOUR tablet / phone manufacturers have not included an Ethernet (wired internet) capability in their version of the Operating System. For this reason, the following ANDROID tablets can not use this adapter: Samsung tablets, ACER, Lenovo, Sony, Coby-Kyros. Toshiba models "Thrive7", AT200" (ExciteLE) will not work with this adapter. This adapter will not work with Windows 8 "RT" Version. This adapter will not "Enable" a tablet that is not configured to work with Ethernet. Consult your Manufacturer or your applicable web forum if you are uncertain. "

Even if it is supported by your device, you may have to root the device too, and the hardest part will be to find such a device in India !!

TechTantrik verdict: If you happen to find one, don't buy before trying it out with your own phone.

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