Jan 9, 2015

How can i use Smartphone as a repeater ?

sandeep narikimilli

Ques. Hi
I have small query on mobile internet sharing.
Suppose I'm using internet data through WiFi sharing.
Can I share the signal I received through WiFi hotspot?
Not through sim data connection
Ans. Normally it is not possible because  if you try to turn your phone into hotspot the WiFi automatically shuts off and the true purpose of WiFi hotspot feature is to share your Data connections with others.

Now what you intend to do will be called as turning your Android smartphone into a wifi repeater.
This way your phone will repeat the WIFI signal it receives from router and then you can tap into these extended signals using other devices.

There is an App for this : fqrouter2

it can also turn your mobile into a router sharing the free Internet to other devices, if you have already [ROOT] your mobile.

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