Jan 6, 2015

A new beginning to a very happy New year!!

Hey, we are back from the holidays. We know a lot of your queries are waiting to be answered and a lot of new interesting articles are to be brewed. But our holidays haven't been any kind of a slacker, instead they haven't been holidays at all. We have been working round the clock for some cool new innovations for the betterment of the world ;)

We are expanding fast and in the coming months you can expect a lot from us. Some things that you can see deployed in the coming months include a new news section on our website that will be so smooth and fresh even on your old smartphone phone that you will forget any other technology news website. News sources will be the topmost websites and blogs covering android, windows phone, apple etc. etc. from all over the world ... ALL AT A SINGLE PLACE!!

A better and faster Tech query system is being planned that will not only get you answers to your queries in the least possible time but will also let you interact with the world's experts proficient in your query's domain. For example: You have asked a query about which DSLR to buy? Our query system will automatically route your query to the top professional photographers who will provide the best possible solution to your query.

Our new expansion also covers an amazing new free, easy to use business billing system for the SMEs and the budding entrepreneur in you!
Forget using Excel to print your receipts/invoices/bills, our billing system will just blow you away with features and ease of use. Bye Bye Excel!!

We have a lot more extravagant innovations cooking up in our TechTantrik lab. But Sssshhuuusshh!!! These are much bigger secrets and we'll keep them under the wraps for now!!!

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