Jan 23, 2015

Bypass piston cylinder arrangement to carburettor?

D.Vishal Goud
Ques. sir...i wnna info about a fuel saver to si engine.....bypass piston cylinder arrangement to carburettor?

Best way to get internet connection while roaming?

Ramakrishnan Sermadevi

Ques. Which is the reliable way to get wifi internet connection in the roaming for my Samsung Chromebook?

Are only sony external hard disk and sony pendrives compatible with sony bravia tv?

new panvel
Ques. I Want to buy a external hard disk & pendrive, Are only sony external hard disk and sony pendrives compatible with sony bravia  tv?

Controversies surrounding online ad agencies

Shraddha Upadhyay
Ques. I wanted to know about the recent case of an Indian subsidiary of a UK based firm dealing in mobile phone handsets, computer parts and their accessories. They recently launched  a mobile application compatible with all platforms like windows and android. It helped in buying and selling of media. Then they had some controversy. I think it is vdopia. Can you please explain the situation?

Is the Lenovo z510 laptop any good?

Jan 11, 2015

Online service for group chatting

 Amol Bapat

Ques. Is there any online service that can provide me a platform for group chatting? and these chats must be saved automatically.
Ans.  There are many online chat services that provide group chatting and are available across all platforms.

Moto G 2nd couldn't receive SMS

Rahul Rajendran
Ques. Hi... Am using Moto G 2nd  generation... Nd I couldn't receive mags frm a particular network alone... Customer care told me to change d smsc number... But there s no such option.... Help me....
Ans. This seems to be the problem with SMS service center no. 

Jan 10, 2015

will US bought Note 3 N9005 work in India ?

Yash Nara

Ques. hello sir
I want to buy a galaxy note 3 n9005 from US
will it work here ? or I have to solve some issues for it to work

Ans. Note 3 n9005 will work in India. But only on 3g and 2g and not on 4g. 
         As Note 3 n9005 supports FDD Lte Bands and 4G in india is on TDD LTE bands.

Jan 9, 2015

best smartphone under 10 k 9/1/15

Karan Bhardwaj
Ques. i wanted to know about the best smartphone under the price bracket of 10,000 INR .so please suggest
Ans.     Here are the best Smartphones under 10 K  

How can i use Smartphone as a repeater ?

sandeep narikimilli

Ques. Hi
I have small query on mobile internet sharing.
Suppose I'm using internet data through WiFi sharing.
Can I share the signal I received through WiFi hotspot?
Not through sim data connection
Ans. Normally it is not possible because  if you try to turn your phone into hotspot the WiFi automatically shuts off and the true purpose of WiFi hotspot feature is to share your Data connections with others.

Jan 8, 2015

How to increase WiFi range ?

Ujjawal Joshi
Ques. can you tell me ways by which i can increase the range of wifi?

Jan 7, 2015

Samsung S4 Regional SIM lock

Aasif Makandar
Ques. Hi! My sister has gifted me a Samsung S4 from Dubai. The problem now is with the network. Though the sim is accepted, there are no signal bars and the error message is 'Emergency Call-Hutch'. What could be done? Please guide!!! Thanks!

Jan 6, 2015

Internet on android phone using RJ45 ethernet cable

Suyash Agarwal

Ques. Hello!! There are several lan ports in my college. Can i connect my android phone(4.2.2) to lan port via micro usb to rj45 converter

laptop in the range of 20-25k - Jan 2015

Adi M

Ques. Please Suggest a laptop in range 20-25k. No gaming. Only document work, internet surfing and movie watching. Acer, Lenovo and Sony brands.

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