Jan 28, 2014

The best mid-Range Android Device

Abhishek More
Ques. Want to buy a phone .(Decent camera ,Decent Battery Life,Decent Gaming Exp)

My Choices are Galaxy S4 Mini , Nexus 4 , Xperia C , Xperia SP

ANS. Considering your requirements of experiencing a Decent battery life, Decent Camera with a Decent Gaming Experience then you clearly laid down a few good choices. You might feel objectionable by our recommendations if you are a serious Samsung fan as doesn't matter what sales figure claim or the dumb smartphone users write but Samsung can never become a contender if you really want a phone for decent usage as no matter what it offers at the end of day it will prove to be device that lags too much despite its resources. So which one you should go for, well lets find out that based on the facts & Specifications.

Android Phone in the price bucket of 15-17K

shivam aima
Ques. Sir, i want to buy phone under 15k-17k. I have finalized micromax canvas turbo. Is it a good phone ? And is it the best canvas phone at present ? Please help me.

ANS. As you have mentioned your prefered OS as android & came down to the choice of handset maker as Micromax then i should really mention you that having android is just like the old wine so doesnt matter with which branding it is coming down to you as it will offer you the same taste. Though there are few market players like Sony & Htc which do provide you with Custom UI experience with the same android inside them.

Jan 26, 2014

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 work in india?

mohd fahad
Ques. I wanna buy sam galaxy note 3 lte n9005 model from middle east. will this work in India?

Ans.  First of all we would like to congratulate for choosing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 which is future ready for 4g-lte network .

Jan 22, 2014

Laptop suddenly switches off on its own!!

sowrabh joshi 

Ques. why does my laptop shutdown suddenly?is it my battery ?i want to get rid of this problem

Jan 21, 2014

Want to extend wifi and share internet connection using DIR 505 or tataphoton max wifi 3G dongle?

sanjay jha
new panvel

Ques. can i share my mtnl triband broadband on my ipod touch using dlink travel router DIR 505 at home.2) can I use tataphoton max wifi 3G dongle to access mtnl triband broadband internet on my ipod touch.


1)  Yes,  you can use your mtnl connection on i Pod through Dlink Travel router DIR 505 at home as this          device act both as a router and as a range extender.

2) OK , now what i am understanding form your query is that you want to use this tataphoton max wifi 3g dongle as a wifi repeater for your mtnl connection for your iPod.

  No, this is not possible as TataPhoton max wifi dongle is creating wifi through it's own built in hardware and is sharing the internet connection from tata docomo's 3G network and all this is being done with the use of in built software that can not be modified at user level.

Do fiber links have a Circuit Id ?

Brijmohan yadav

Ques. do fiber link have any circuit Id to lodge the complain when link have any problem
Ans.  Yes every link including fiber link has an circuit Id to uniquely identify it.

Jan 17, 2014

Which one is better Blogger or Wordpress?

Nayana Sahni
Ques. Which is Better Platform for Building Blogs?
Blogger? Wordpress?

ANS. Being a blogger is the desire of every person out on this planet who does have a habit of thinking & then pouring his thoughts onto paper or digital ink so that he can spread them to the other people. As we know we are into 21st Century & blogging has evolved into digital ink, so while going out to choose a platform we always confuse ourselves between the Blogger which sounds too apt for blogging or WordPress, though there are other million platforms to do that but they don't sound that much promising. So as we narrowed our choice down to Blogger & WordPress now we will decide which one is better of the two.

Jan 14, 2014

Strontium Launches OTG USB Drives for Smartphones and Tablets

Strontium Technology has launched On-The-Go USB drives for smartphones and tablets. These small USB drives have a standard USB on one end and a micro-USB on the other end so they can be accessed directly from a computer or from any OTG supported smartphone or tablet.

NETGEAR Expands its Fast Growing Family of ProSAFE ® Gigabit Plus Switches

New generation of Gigabit Plus Switches unveils three additional PoE models with 5/8/16/24-Port and enhanced management capabilities

NETGEAR, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, has expanded its fast growing family of ProSAFE® Gigabit Plus Switches . With three new Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) models, the enhanced ProSAFEPlus Switch Family now includes eight switches that combine improved management capabilities with Gigabit speeds and enhanced performance, making the man ideal, cost-effective upgrade from NETGEAR plug-and-play Unmanaged Switches for small organizations with growing networks. NETGEAR is the industry-leading provider of both Unmanaged and Smart Switches, offering a comprehensive portfolio of switches for business of all sizes.

Transcend Adds 800x CF Card to Its Professional CompactFlash Lineup

Transcend Information, a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced the launch of its Premium Series 800x CompactFlash cards. A worthy addition to Transcend's expanding line of CompactFlash memory cards, the 800X CF cards feature incredibly fast transfer rates for capturing professional-quality images and Full HD 1080p video. Equally impressive are the huge 64GB to 256GB capacity options on offer, which enable photographers to store many more high-resolution images and enjoy extended recording sessions.

Let the music play with Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT

For all those who love music on the go, Portronics, a leader in the innovative portable product market, has added yet another feather to its cap by introducing the upgraded and superior version of its famous Pure sound Bluetooth series, the Pure sound Pro BT.

Jan 10, 2014

Digital Camera between 10 to 15 k

Abhishek More
Ques. Digicam between 10k to 15k ,confused between nikon coolpix or canon powershot or sony cybershot.

Jan 9, 2014

5 Types of Parasitic Apps that Kill Your Battery Life

With smartphone users everywhere, there is one problem that is common to all: short battery life. Everybody probably plugs their phone before leaving their homes when they go out because they expect that in less than a few hours advertised by smartphone companies, their batteries would be on the blink or worse, empty. What’s the use of using a smartphone if the battery is drained much too easily?

Jan 7, 2014

Home wifi issue: airtel 4g wifi + dlink repeater + DHCP+ DNS ?

Vinay Singh

Ques. I have a Airtel 4g LTE wifi but due to less connectivity I purchased a Dlink DIR 505 all-in one router/repeater to use as repeater. The problem I am facing is if I manually give the IP add than DHCP is disabled but if I choose auto than there is no Internet Access in IPv4/IPv6 kindly help to resolve this problem. The signal strength is 100% and I have assigned Prefered DNS Server to

Jan 6, 2014

Transfer audio/video directly from one smartphone to the other..


Ques. how can i transfer audio, video files from android phones to NOKIA LUMIA 520 THROUGH DATA CABLE.

Jan 4, 2014

3 Reasons Why Parents should Learn about Internet Security

img source
The internet is the fastest platform for information dissemination. Videos can now be streamed, pictures downloaded, and stories on newspapers now featured in online news portals. Furthermore, meeting new people has become dangerously easy through social media websites. As a parent, you should be aware of not just the advantages but also disadvantages of these growing trends.

If the internet has become this complex yet very easy to use, how can we keep our kids safe from unfiltered information? Though the internet is both a helpful tool for research and a convenient medium of expression, children are vulnerable to offensive content online if you don’t monitor their internet use.