Dec 14, 2014

Slow WiFi on Karbonn ST10 tab

Aditya M

Ques. My Karbonn ST10 tab connects to WiFi, but browsing using google chrome is extremely slow. Even other apps use WiFi but the speed is slow. However, on my laptop and cell phone, the speed is very good. When i connect Tata Photon dongle to ST10 tab, the speed is pretty good. How to fix this?

Ans. Some possible solutions:
  • See that your tab is not in power saving mode
  • restart your tab with battery fully charged.
  • Try connecting your tab on different wifi connection and observe
  • try changing wifi channels on your wifi router.
  • Clear all the browsing history on chrome including cookies etc.
  • Go to Wifi settings in the phone and check the DNS servers. They should preferably be left blank or if you want you can put in preferred DNS and in alternate DNS. This is Google's Public DNS service which is quite fast.
If the issue still persists you can take a cloud backup, remove the sd card and factory reset the tab.

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