Nov 28, 2014

Should i go for Fiio DAC + Amp ?

Nikhil Kalathiveetil

Ques. Hi,

Again I come to you in my moment of panic for guidance..
I just bought a athm50x
And now I am thinking of getting a headphone amp.

Points of interest.
Budget:10k max
Dac would be nice?

I was thinking of going for a fiio. 
E07k or asus xonar +e11k
 Should I look into any indian brands?
Any warnings?

Thank you in advance!!

Ans:Go for fiio e10k olympus 2  it is a DAC(Digital to Analog converter )  + Amp both.
        We are suggesting this for price, form-factor and sound quality and most imp it's tried and tested
        by many.The products built quality is also good. This also comes with a carry case. 

        Asus Xonar is more of a bulky product so won't recommend it.

         If you could extend the investment amount you can also go for Audioengine D1 

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