Nov 3, 2014

Issues with MTNL Wifi Router

Srihari Nagelli

Ques. I have MTNL 450TC1 wifi router firmware version of V85.2.04.01
In this led of Internet is not glowing.
And wifi is not connecting in either pc or mobile.
How can I solve this problem? 

For the LED that indicated the Internet, you need to first check the RJ-14 jack is properly inserted and connected in the router jack port. If the LED still does not blink then your Internet connection is down.

Now comes the Wifi part. try connecting you PC to wifi. After that follow the following instructions.

Press Windows Key + r -> type cmd ( in the RUN box) -> now type " ping"
and press enter-> if you are getting a ping response that means your wifi is working fine.

Now type-> ping

if you still get a ping response that means you Internet connection is also fine.

If there is no ping response then you need to call your ISP as your Internet link is down.

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