Nov 19, 2014

Is Speed on HSPA + and 3G Same ?

Chirag Haria
Ques. I'm getting an average download speed of 4mbps on Reliance 3G Mumbai circle on a HSPA+ device(21mbps max device). Can i get d same speed on a 3G device(max 7.2mbps device)

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) + is a part of 3gpp(3rd Generation Partnership Project) Release. But a further improved version  that extends and improves the performance of existing 3rd generation mobile telecommunication networks.

So basically what you are using is a improved 3rd gen technology.

and speed will totally depend upon your carrier. The 21 Mbps rating and 7.2 Mbps rating is the max threshold that device can deliver and not the network.

If the service provider of your 3G device supports high speeds,then yes your 3G device is capable of delivering around 7 Mbps.

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