Nov 9, 2014

I am confused between Plantronics Backbeat 2 and jabra Rox

Ankit Suri
Ques. I am confused between Plantronics Backbeat 2 and jabra Rox . I want good sound and good grip for earphones in my ear . They should not slip from my ears . battery Life is not an issue for me .

Out of the two wireless headphones you have selected , the Jabra ROX is the clear winner, although it is a bit expensive than the Plantronics Backbeat 2 . it surely does satisfy both your criterion. 

1) Good sound : The Earphone comes with DOLBY  Surround sound. and to further enhance the experience Jabra has also designed a exclusive Jabra Sound app . A music player that gives you the full Dolby experience tailored to your Jabra headphones and more. 

2) Good grip: Jabra ROX are designed to be a secure fit, no matter how many times you shake your head they won't fall off.

The other as pecks of the Earphone that are imp and matter are good built quality,
the ear plugs are stainless steel( water resistant) and the wires are Kevlar coated. These are meant to last long.

Plus,a good battery life of 5hrs and good call quality ( with noise cancellation)

While on the other hand:

Plantronics Backbeat 2 are all plastics and does not support Dolby Surround Sound.

Specifications (Jabra ROX): 

  • Accessories

      • Protective Bag
      • Eargel Pack
  • App

    • The Jabra Sound app is the music player that adds full Dolby® sound to music – your playlists as well as your YouTube streaming content
  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth version: 4.0

    • AVRCP: Yes
      You can control your music from this device when it's streaming from another device, such as your mobile phone
    • NFC Near Field Communications - Perimeter Pairing: Yes
      Near Field Communications (NFC) or Perimeter Pairing is an easy pairing functionality that connects two devices that are in close proximity to each other.
    • Music: Yes
      Device can stream music from a source such as a smartphone, Bluetooth-enabled laptop, tablet or MP3 player
  • Speakers

    • Frequency Response: Hifi
      Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e.g. Music
  • Battery & Power

    • Talk Time: Up to 5.5 hours
      Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
    • Standby Time: Up to 432hour(s)
      Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain with power on
    • USB Charging: Yes
      USB Charging enables a device to be charged via a USB cable
  • Design

    • Wearing Style: In the ear
      In the ear devices are worn in the ear
    • Weight (oz): 0.67oz
    • Ear Cushion Type:
      • Large (L) sized ear gels
      • Medium (M) sized ear gels
      • Small (S) sized ear gels
    • Dimensions: H 1.7 x W 2 x D 1.6
      Product dimensions, in centimetres

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