Nov 28, 2014

Should i go for Fiio DAC + Amp ?

Nikhil Kalathiveetil

Ques. Hi,

Again I come to you in my moment of panic for guidance..
I just bought a athm50x
And now I am thinking of getting a headphone amp.

Points of interest.
Budget:10k max
Dac would be nice?

I was thinking of going for a fiio. 
E07k or asus xonar +e11k
 Should I look into any indian brands?
Any warnings?

Thank you in advance!!

Nov 27, 2014

Star Ratings and Air Conditioners: Power Consumption

Arvind M

Ques. Is difference in power consumption between a 2 star AC and a 5 star AC considerable?? Approximately, how much will be the difference per day??

Is philips SHL3000/00 compatible with Micromax Canvas 4 ?

Piyush Sharma

Ques. IS philips SHL3000/00 compatible with Micromax Canvas 4.

Nov 19, 2014

Is Speed on HSPA + and 3G Same ?

Chirag Haria
Ques. I'm getting an average download speed of 4mbps on Reliance 3G Mumbai circle on a HSPA+ device(21mbps max device). Can i get d same speed on a 3G device(max 7.2mbps device)

Nov 17, 2014

htc Desire 820 vs Samsung Note 3 neo

Rohit Kapoor

Ques. Am planning to buy a smartphone and my budget is Rs 20k-25k which mobile should i buy am confused between htc desire 820, samsung note 3 neo or second hand samsung galaxy note 3 which also comes in abt 25k...

Nov 12, 2014

Technica ATH-M50X or Sennheiser HD 380 Pro?

Nikhil Kalathiveetil
Ques. Hi, 

I am looking for the best budget headphones under a 10000 inr budget. It has to be over the head and noise isolating. My research so far is leading me towards ath-m50x or hd380. Aiaiai also looks good on the paper. 
I mostly listen to hip hop, dubsteb, r&b, jazz..
Practically all over the spectrum.
I want my bass to be a bit on the heavy side, good mids and maybe rolled off highs?
Could you please help? 
Thanks in advance!!

Nov 11, 2014

Moto G 2nd Gen issue !

Nitesh J
Ques. On Moto G 2nd generation, I m not able to send and receive SMS messages. Everything else is perfectly fine. Please help what to do. The error message a red triangle with ! mark.

Nov 9, 2014

I am confused between Plantronics Backbeat 2 and jabra Rox

Ankit Suri
Ques. I am confused between Plantronics Backbeat 2 and jabra Rox . I want good sound and good grip for earphones in my ear . They should not slip from my ears . battery Life is not an issue for me .

Out of the two wireless headphones you have selected , the Jabra ROX is the clear winner, although it is a bit expensive than the Plantronics Backbeat 2 . it surely does satisfy both your criterion. 

Nov 8, 2014

Stamp photos with date and time on a Windows Phone

Kunal P


Ques. On LUMIA 625, how to tag the photo with date and time?

Get rid of virus in Nokia c2-03

Ujjawal Joshi
Ques. I have a Nokia c2-03. It has contracted virus. What should I do? I dont want to format my phone.

Nov 4, 2014

Inkjet printers are a big rip-off !

Bharti m
Ques. Is it true that the cartridge of inkjet printers dries after few days of not using the printer? which is better to buy- inkjet or laser for home use? is drying of ink a problem in the Epson tank printer too??

Antivirus necessary for android phone?

ujjawal joshi
Ques. Is an antivirus necessary for android phone? If yes which one would you recommend? I would prefer a free one.

WiFi ADSL Modem with MTNL

new panvel
Ques. Iam using mtnl broadband I want to go for wifi should I surrender the modem given by mtnl and get a wired router what are my options in wired router or 2) connect a wireless adsl router to my mtnl I really need to keep the mtnl modem

Nov 3, 2014

MOTO G vs LUMIA 730... Which one will u recommend ?

Shaila P
Ques. MOTO G vs LUMIA 730... Which one will u recommend tantrik baba??
Ans.  Good choice of the handsets but we won't recommend none of these.
         for the reasons.

Issues with MTNL Wifi Router

Srihari Nagelli

Ques. I have MTNL 450TC1 wifi router firmware version of V85.2.04.01
In this led of Internet is not glowing.
And wifi is not connecting in either pc or mobile.
How can I solve this problem? 

Nov 1, 2014

Does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has international warranty?

kumar dr


Ques. Hi I wanted to know does Samsung note 4 has international warranty as I brought note 4 in Ukraine and I am moving to India so is there warranty to repair services done in India under warranty