Oct 16, 2014

Vaio laptop vs a HP laptop

Arpit Chaudhary

Ques. hey
i just want to know which one is better for my needs
Sony vaio SVE14A15FN or HP 15-R007TX
I am a game and movie freak and i also want good battery life!
thanks in advance ^_^

Ans. We would any day recommend a vaio over hp due to the high failure rate of hp laptops. Hp laptops are the most unreliable laptops in the market. Better brands to look for are Lenovo Asus and VAIO.

Only comparing the specs, VAIO has a better and faster central processing unit although the nvidia graphics card in the VAIO has half the memory than the AMD one in hp. These laptops come in the Intel HD graphics variant too. For playing games AMD or NVIDIA cards are much better than Intel graphics. The greater memory of the hp's AMD graphics card would mean a much better gaming performance than the VAIO. In games, graphics card matter a lot. If you want good battery life go for an ultra book as these laptops will last you hardly 3 hours with real world usage. Also the battery life keeps decreasing with every charge and discharge cycle. After a year of constant use your battery would only last about an hour after a full charge.

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