Oct 2, 2014

New laptop under 25k

Aparna purohit
Ques. hi,

i want to buy a new laptop, my budget is around 22,000. please suggest what will be the best choice for the same as well as which site will be the best option for COD.
Ans. At this price range you won't be able to get a core i3 but nonetheless you can get a quad core from AMD which is comparable to the i3. We will not recommend you any laptop from Dell/hp/Compaq/hcl as these are the most unreliable laptops in the market. 

What we recommend is this Lenovo laptop

Although a bit pricier than your budget on flipkart, but in the local market you can get it for a lesser amount within your budget if you have got good bargaining skills. This has a quad core AMD processor and 4 GB of RAM so it will be good to use for many years to come. This will be able to play all new games too. Even heavy applications like photoshop etc. will work smoothly on it. 

Other reliable laptop brands you can look for are ASUS and Sony Vaio.

Talking about the COD service, we have found both flipkart and Snap deal to be reliable enough.


  1. i will not have much use of it for the gaming purpose, in that case also, it's the best choice ?

  2. Games are the most resource intensive applications, if a laptop can run a game easily then all other applications will be a breeze.
    So this is a good laptop with better reliability than any hcl/dell/Compaq/hp