Oct 15, 2014

How to download YouTube videos

Murtaza Ogyft
Patna,Bihar, India

Ques. How to download YouTube videos on PC or Mobile?

Ans. As clock ticks watching videos on YouTube gets better, But at times it might save your time to have your favourite one's downloaded on your desktop, Then it may be a Game trailer you loved or
science project that you're working on, some stand-up comedy video or a motivational speech, Super-hit song or Solution to Rubik's cube.

As you must have observed it till now that YouTube does not provide any method for downloading videos being published on YouTube.

So, When you have a problem you ask us and we deliver solution to you in its simplest form. So, Here goes the solution.

When you arrive on video on YouTube

You'll see on your address bar an address like this 

Then add 'ss' just before 'youtube', after editing your address will look like this 

Now, Hit Enter

It'll take you to another site named Savefrom.Net ( Yes It does exactly what you think it does )

On right hand side you'll see various formats enlisted(Similar to image displayed below), click on your preference and your download will start in no time.

You might have heard about Youtube Video Downloaders, We do not recommend you to use them as they're mostly shareware and most importantly untrustworthy malwares.

Note : Site Enlisted above is not associated with TechTantrik by any means. Use it at your own risk.

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  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    thanks tech baaba apne meri problem solved ki wo bhi 12 hours me you are great.