Sep 22, 2014

Upgrade 2.3.5 Android gingerbread to jelly bean

raj gupta 
Ques. my query is that i want to upgrade my 2.3.5 gingerbread to jelly bean in android.

Ans. There are a lot of factors affecting the upgrade of Android. Some of them are: 

1. Does your phone hardware support the newer version of the Android operating system? Most older phones do not have the necessary RAM or the storage to run the newer heavier operating system. 

2.  If your hardware is upto the mark, even then sometimes the phone manufacturer companies like Samsung, Sony etc. delay the updates until they complete the testing themselves as they put their custom skins like touch wiz on top of the vanilla android. 

3. The phone manufacture may have disabled update for your phone due to out dated hardware or low performance. In this case you can root your device to install the new update. This is not recommended as this might render your phone unusable due to frequent freezing issues.  

For more information regarding your phone you can leave the make and model of your mobile phone in the comments section  below.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    my mobile is micromax android bolt A26 and 2.3.5 jinjerbread version 204 mb something internal memory or ram please help to upgrade to jellybean.


      This video might help you. But be advised that this procedure is not recommended by Tech Tantrik and this will also void your warranty.

    2. Anonymous8:19 AM

      thanks sir for reply me.