Sep 15, 2014

Solve low signal problem in airtel 4G LTE ZTE MF29 router

Darshan Achar 

Ques. I have an airtel 4g connection in Bangalore. I am facing network problem at my place. I am having zte MF29 router. It has 2 antenna ports which one should I use to connect an external antenna. Can you suggest me an antenna. I mean the product. 

Ans. See the photo below in this the antenna ports are marked. When you connect the external antenna, you would need to flick the antenna so as to tell the router to use the external antennas instead of the internal built in antenna.  You can use any port, try with both to see which gives more signal strength.

Before buying the antenna, be sure to test your 4g router in different places in the house to check for good 4g connectivity as these signal will vary inside the house and if you are lucky enough you will find an area with good signal strength(thus no need of the external antenna.) 

You will need a 4G antenna for this, although we were unable to find it for the indian market on . But for reference you can check the international link below:


  1. Hello,
    I'm using the same model. Today morning, wifi was not detected. I have restarted the modem. resetted it aswell. still im unable to detect the wifi signal on the router and also unable to open the link please suggest.

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Sorry for late reply,
    You can use both port to connect two antennas (this router supports mimo technology).

    I am using same router with two external antenna and I am getting full signal with good Downloaded + Upload speed