Sep 15, 2014

Consumer concern on Samsung LED TV or should have gone for Sony LED TV

Yogesh Chauhan
Ques. hello team,
I was in the confusion to buy the LED TV and I finalised the two models as per my budget one was Sony KLV 40R and other was Samsung UA40H5140AR series 5. But after discussing with few of my friends I bought Samsung because it was having feature of sound and video capture directly in the pendrive and also its having very slim and sleek design. Now some people are saying that Sony is the best and I have made a big mistake as I have bought Samsung.
please I need your views for my deal. Also tell me about few of the features whether they are available in my samsung LED or not. like backlighting, edge-lit and local dimming. Please let me the benefits of buying Samsung UA40H5140 series 5 over Sony KLV 40R

Ans.   Dear Sir, there is a saying and we believe it to 'never cry over spilt milk'. So, it is OK that you went for Korean tech instead of Japanese. 

There are chances that your Samsung TV may give you some panel problems in a long run. We would suggest on  buying Samsung India extended warranty of 3 years just before your one year warranty ends.

The cost of warranty extension would be around 5 k but it is worth the money as in case of LED panels, they will start showing some dark spots with in a period of 2 to 3 years and in some Samsung cases the panel gives up just in 2 years, now comes the cost of panel replacement as these are not repaired but replaced and the cost of a brand new panel is about more than half the cost of TV itself. 

When you buy an extended Warranty you secure your TV's life for the next 4 years. If you feel any thing is wrong with your TV in the long run just call Samsung and get the faulty part replaced without any cost, no matter what is the cost of component.

Since Samsung is a bit cheat as it sells it customers used TV's 
Read our previous article on this:

Now comes features.

Both Sony   KLV 40R and Samsung UA40H5140AR have 100 Hz refresh rate.
Both are LED edge back-lit and have local dimming to give you better contrast.
Both TV's deliver good picture quality.

One positive  point.  Sony KLV 40R has been discontinued as per company website.

And remember TV's are just screen for viewing you can make them smart any time by connecting a laptop/ android pc / apple TV.
It is just, Samsung in the long run may give up so it is better you invest 5k more and secure your investment for the next 4 years.

And most importing thing don't forget to enjoy your enhanced Full HD viewing experience.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Ahhh ..... I thought that Samsung series 5 will be better than Sony R Series. I also checked some reviews of this samsung LED on flipkart before buying this product.
    One question what I am having right now is Samsung is such a big brand but still why its LED panel will stop to work after few years ? And you are telling only about the chances or you are sure that it will definitely stop working after few years ?

    If this this is the scene with samsung what to say for the brands like toshiba, LG and others ?

    Its only 5 days that I installed my LED is there is any way that I can put a case against the dealer if my Samsung LED will be find used one?

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Korean is better :

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I have changed my mind from Sony Bravia to Samsung because Samsung is more value for money. In the same range, Samsung offers more features by maintaining the same quality. For instance, Samsung TV plays more almost all video formats via USB while Sony plays only a few. Plus, I heard from reliable sources that for Sony TV of 40" or more, the LCD/LED panels are provided by Samsung only. While Sony has had a constant growth, Samsung has grown leaps & bounds in terms of technology n product.

  4. sir you can see the panel display time . this time is displayed in hrs. assume you have used your tv for 12 a day for whole 5 days. so total PDT(panel display time) would be 12*5 = 60 hrs.
    now if it shows 250 hrs. then 250-60=190 hrs = 15 days ( half a month kept on display for 12 hrs a day) . There is no fun in dealing with dealer , straight away contact samsung. - shout at their call center employes(because if you don't they will neglect you) . keep following up with them for 4 to 3 days. post pics on their facebook account along with your complaint no. then only your used tv will get replaced. Remember the point: Samsung does not supply it's TV's in temper proof packing.

  5. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Yeah definitely I'll do that but I am not able to check the Display panel time on my LED. I have tried your key combinations that is info+menu+mute+power and also mute+1+8+2+power. Please help me out so that I got satisfied at least with whether the product is new or not. Please help to identify my display panel time

  6. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Ahhh.... Finally I have an advantage of buying an LED TV from a showroom. The Display panel time is 11 hours.
    So what's your view about the one which I bought ?? Actually I was aware of these things before buying an LED TV that whether seal is proper, any dust is there or not on parts of tv , panel wrappers are undone or not and like manufacturing date.. So now I can take a deep breath ..... Definitely I'll go for extended warranty and one good news for you too that I got 2 years of warranty with my Samsung LED .So what's your views?

  7. TV's picture quality is not inferior to any. It is just in long run components may fail.