Aug 20, 2014

Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite SM-T110 not connecting to WiFi

Swati Desai

Ques. Hi I got a gift of Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite SM-T110 from USA. When I connected it to the WiFi for the first time it was very easy and I could download, but after two days it is not connecting to WiFi at all. It scans all other network and not my connection which is MTNL. And when it does it states out of range and doesn't connect. Other devices at home iPad phone etc are connecting easily. Don't know what's the issue...can u pl help.

Ans. There can be may reasons for this.

1) If the Router you are using with you MTNL connection is a MTNL Stock router. Then please replace it with a new router.(TP-Link or Dlink  as MTNL stock routers are useless and many users face problem with these routers)

2) Delete all existing wifi connections from the tab's wifi connection list, then restart the tab and try reconnecting the tab with WiFi. Also try restarting the WiFi router.

After following the above 2 steps if the problem still persists then you need to factory reset your Samsung Tab.


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I had exact same problem. I fixed it by setting Authentication Type to WPA2-PSK instead of WPA-PSK. You need to log into your router admin console, generally hitting with admin uid/pwd (generally provided by the router) and go to wireless setting and change the Encryption type accordingly. I guess If you have some mix of old/new devices, you will have to pick the dual mode to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Have done everything but still showing wifi not in range. Done fac tory reset too������