Jul 8, 2014

When will the windows phone 8.1 update be released to all the lumia range?

Shaila Patil 
Ques. When will I be able to update my Lumia 625 to windows 8.1??

Ans. Microsoft will be rolling out the windows phone 8.1 update in July to the existing phones , this is as per the leaked windows phone 8.1 roadmap screenshot. And with our experience we can say that there is a good 90% chance that Microsoft will stick to this scheduled and release the update to your phone before the end of July or early August (as the developer preview is running on a lot of eager WP users' phones and the final version has already been released on the Lumia 630 and 930.) 


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    How will we cme to know about the update when it is released?

    1. your phone will give you a message "An Update is ready to be installed" and will request a user action to update now or later. After the update installation completes you can go to the phone settings> about phone> it should list as "Lumia Cyan". This is the 8.1 update for nokia phones.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Is the update out yet? July end approaching.