Jul 30, 2014

Fully automatic vs Semi automatic washing machine

Saurabh Kesharwani
Ques. Hi!
If you would even guide on home appliances, then I want to ask you upon buying a
semi-automatic washing machine for my mother.

Just to give you a brief information, I am from Sagar and the water here is hard.

Please tell me, how do I choose one? And which is the best semi-automatic washing
machine available in India, as per you? Please tell me the brand and models, if
you would.

Machine capacity: 'Standard'

Ans. A semi automatic washing machine is a bit of a headache in itself.
Some big cons: 

  • The size of the drier drum vs the washer drum is not the same. So it means that if you put in a full load in the washer then only half the load can be dried at a time as the drier is almost half the size in this type of washing machine. It means that when you wash a full load of clothes you will have to take out clothes from the washer then run the drier two times for drying this single load.  
  • You would have to fill the water manually in the machine i.e. you would everytime need to turn the tap on and then close it when the machine is full otherwise the water will overflow and will be wasted. There is no auto stop for the water filing in.  
  • To completely remove detergent from the clothes you would have to run the washer twice. This means foiling in the water twice.  
  • If the semi automatic washing machine is run for 45 minutes, 30 minutes you will spend by standing around the washing machine doing most of its 'tasks' ( washing, drying).  
  • It is difficult to set a balance of clothes in the drier in the semi and many times the washing machine will bounce about due to a imbalanced drum. 
  • The wet clothes when being put from the washer to the drier are heavy as hell and also get tangled in some machines.
Pros of a semi automatic washing machine: 
You will get a good exercise while washing clothes, plus your biceps will get doubled in size after about three months.

Steps in a fully automatic washing machine: 
Put clothes>add detergent>press start button>after 45 minutes take out semi dried clothes

Steps in a semi automatic machine: 
Put in clothes>fill water> turn off tap when full>add detergent> run washer for some time> drain water > fill water again>turn off tap when full> run washer for some time> take out half the clothes from the washer> put them in drier>  washing machine bounces here and there> stop machine> fix the balance of the drum by pushing clothes here and there>run drier for some time>  take out semi dried clothes from drier> take out the other half from washer> put in drier > run drier for some time> take out semi dried clothes from drier.

Our advice to you will be to refrain from getting a semi automatic and get a automatic instead. Although automatic is expensive, but you will save your mother from a lot of frustration of using the semi automatic.

A semi will cost you around 10k, for 2-3k more you can get a fully automatic for example: http://shopping.indiatimes.com/electronics/top-loading-fully-automatic/samsung-6-kg-fully-automatic-washing-machine-wa80e5lec-xtl/10394/p_B1586632

Brands to avoid: Godrej, Electrolux

As for the hard water, you will need to put in a bit more detergent than normal to produce good foam.

You can occasionally use this to remove lime scale deposits in your washing machine due to hard water: http://www.ifbappliances.com/accessories-additives/washing-machine/descale-100gm-front-load-only.html

Also be advised that washing machines have large fast moving mechanical parts so they are more prone to failure than other appliances like TV, fridge etc. in your house. 


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM


    Thank you for the detailed comparison between the two!

    Well! My situation is different. We already own a fully-automatic washing machine, from Samsung and we are very happy with that.

    However, we want a second washing machine, for my mother. As she is not comfortable using the fully-automatic one. But she is okay with working for more time on the semi-automatic machine, as she has already used it in the past.

    Besides, this second machine, the semi-automatic one, will be used less. That is occasionally, and not on a regular basis.

    So please tell me, how do I choose a good semi-automatic washing machine?

    Also tell me if you know, the best semi-automatic available in India, the brand and the model.

    Thanking you!

  2. Samsung, LG and videocon are the recommended brands. Buy a bigger capacity machine (in terms of Kgs) so as to wash more clothes at a time.

  3. These days washing machine products are available with stylish design and innovative features.Also, it is quite important to service the washing machine regularly.I really enjoyed reading your post.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  4. Sneha3:35 PM

    U hv really given a very realistic overview of semi automatic washing machine.
    I hv a semi and I want to buy a fully automatic.
    In semi automatic machine we can use the dryer keeping the washer static. Is it possible in fully automatic ones that we r just drying the hand washed clothes?

    1. Yes in most of them you can use the drier only to dry hand washed clothes

    2. I have a similar problem. I have a maid to wash clothes, therefore I want clothes to be only dried in the washing machine but then when she is on leave i want a fully automatic to wash and dry them.
      So unable to decide which one to buy...

  5. I want to buy a fully automatic washing machine but problem is that i don't have a tap facility in my home so any suggestion?

  6. Me also have d same problem... Did get any solution

  7. Thanks for this wonderful and detailed explanation. I have a problem as explained by Siddharth, want to get a fully automatic machine but no tap facility in my house. Any way out pls? Thank.

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  9. Fully automatic machines made your task easy but it takes lots of water and continuous availability. Where as Semiautomatic need physical work also for rinsing but it is cheap in price also you Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India a good list which I found.

  10. I mostly use machine semi auto because i always near in machine and its easy to me.

  11. Leave a four inch (11 centimeter) gap between the back of your washing machine and the wall to avoid kinks in your water supply lines.