Jul 21, 2014

Android phone gone worse by Loading custom ROM !

Arpit gupta
Ques. I made my Android Phone worse by rooting it . not creating any backup . Bluetooth, contact, sim2 not access able
please help me to restore my phone .

Ans. Rooting does not give such problems . it only gives root level user access to a device. 
        Such things happen when you load a custom ROM.
        It is always good to backup your Android phone before installing custom ROM on it.
         Steps to get your phone back to working.
        * Go to Manufacturer's service center and get Stock ROM reloaded .
        * Sync your phone contacts  with your Google account and you will get all your contacts                 back.
           ( It is always good to sync all your contacts with your Google account.)

      That's it your phone will be restored.

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