Jun 2, 2014

TechTantrik Effect: Whats app adds functionality to disable last seen feature in windows phone!

Few days ago one of the TechTantrik users had asked a query as to whether we can hide the whatsapp last seen feature in windows phone or not. The clear answer was a big NO. At that point in the article we had severely criticized the WhatsApp team as they had been ignoring the WhatsApp platform for quite a long time.

No updates for months, frequent crashes and an overall slower interface as compared to android or apple. Why no love for windows? Why? But things have changed since our last post about WhatsApp. It seems as if though they have   been listening to us, and Zuckerburg just shit his pants cuz of our article. Within a few days of publishing our article yesterday a new update was released for WhatsApp (Microsoft had taken down WhatsApp from the store a few days ago). Now WhatsApp is back in a new avatar. Custom backgrounds, much much faster and fluid interface, better handling of photos and videos, no crashing of the app on viewing the older messages and even a privacy feature to hide your last seen time. Now with windows phone 8.1 releasing in a 1 or 2 months we can proudly say that the windows phone experience is complete and can be said to be even better than android or iOS.

You can set your last seen privacy settings by going to the settings of WhatsApp > account > privacy > last seen 

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