Jun 13, 2014

Sony selling its VAIO division??

Aman Kumar
Ques. Sony has sold its pc segment. Should I buy a sony vaio svf15319snb or go for hp pavilion.
Sony is my personal preference because of its quality.

Ans. HP laptops are at the bottom of the quality charts, their laptops are not at all reliable, same is the case with Dell as well. So these two brands are not at all recommended. Vaio was a good brand but selling off their business is a showstopper for everyone! Instead you can look forward to other brands like Lenovo or Asus which are more reliable than any other companies in the market. Our personal choice would be a Lenovo. With Lenovo you will get a perfect blend of affordability, performance and reliability. Although Sony selling off its laptop business won't have a big impact on you as a customer, as the company that buys it would continue to support your product  for some years. But playing a safe bet, go with the Lenovo or ASUS.  


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