Jun 28, 2014

External Antenna for airtel 4g Router( ZTE MF29)

Ques. I have one ZTE MF 29 Router under Airtel 4G at Kolkata. I am not able to receive proper network as my office is situated inside one building in a congested locality.

I want to use the External Antenna facility. Will it work?. Please inform

Ans. First of all thanks for choosing techtantrik for your query.
         Yes, You can definitely use an external antenna for ZTE MF 29 to boost the 4G signal.
ZTE has made a provision for that at the back of MF 29 . At the back you will find a external  antenna socket.

7. External antenna Socket ( Connect your external Antenna here)
8. External ANTENNA Switch : To switch between internal antenna and external antenna modes. By default setting, the router uses the internal antenna. When you connect the router with the antenna through External antenna port, you can press EXTERNAL ANTENNA Switch ON to change the router from the internal antenna mode to external antenna mode. Press External ANTENNA Switch on again to change back.

Check the front panel LED indicator for signal strength

1. LED: If the LED is glowing constant the signal strength is good.
              If the LED is Blinking the signal strength is weak
              If the LED is off there is no signal

Also try positioning your ZTE MF29 router near the office walls and at a height so that it can receive better signal strength.

You can buy these external Antenna online.




  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I have one Hawei lte cpe e5172 router. However, the trouble is that it has a RP-SMA (female) port and none 9dBi antenna is available with a male connector. I have to go for an expensive 16dBi if I want one.

  2. Your antenna buy link is expired plzz send me one

  3. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Hi what kind of antenna or any shops in pune you are aware sell them off the rack??