May 19, 2014

USB port in Internet Routers

deep saha
Ques. i have brought new airtel ZTE MF29 router.there is a USB port in the device but no clear function about it is mentioned can u tell me the use plz?

Ans. Router companies usually put a USB port in the routers so that you can connect a hard disk or a pen drive directly to it and share its content over your WiFi without the use of an intermediary computer. Hardware wise this functionality is available in your router, but software wise it seems so that this has not been enabled by airtel/ or your service provider/ZTE. If the Firmware/software does not have this feature enabled, you won't be able to share your files using your hard disk/pen drive on your wifi. But in future if your service provider finds this feature feasible, they can easily enable it by sending a firmware upgrade for your router. Anyways, this is a nice feature to have and should not have been left out. Also there is some indication of this usb feature in the manual, but the instructions are not that clear.

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