May 19, 2014

Stylus for today's smartphones

Dr Adi
Ques. Is there any stylus available for Nokia Lumia 625??

Ans. Yes, infact a lot of styluses are available for use with the Nokia Lumia series. The Smartphones today are based on the capacitive touchscreen technology which is much better in terms of the older resistive technology where you had to poke your finger hard on the screen or use a pointed stylus. These capacitive touchscreen are butter smooth as compared to the former. If you want a stylus for your phone you can take a look at this or browse through all the available different styluses here. There also styluses available that have a headphone jack like end that can be kept inserted into the headphone jack of the phone and you can use the stylus attached to it, less chance of losing the stylus for example this one. But these are pretty unlike the pen like bigger styluses. Also do remember that most of these have a very broad tip, if you are specifically looking for a fine tip stylus for writing then they would be costly. Also do scout your local market to get a better deal.

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