May 13, 2014

How to unlock Airtel 4g Zte MF 29 WiFi Modem/Router?

Jitin Hiranandani
Ques. Hi! I wanted to know how can I unlock my airtel 4g zte modem. So that I will be able to use 3G of different sim providers as well.

Ans. Service providers do supply 3g/4g modems/Routers that are SIM locked and only work with that particular service providers SIM. This is a sort of unfair bondage even after you have purchased the that piece of equipment.

To unlock such a router/modem you can rely on " DC-Unlocker". DC-unlocker is a paid software and is able to unlock most of the 3g/4g Modems and routers out there in the market. 

All you have to do is to download the software and run it and connect to the Modem/Router after  Inserting  different ISP's SIM.

Then follow the instructions given in the below link:

This should be able to unlock your Airtel 4g Zte MF 29 WiFi Modem/Router.

Note: Before paying for this software , please see that DC-Unlocker is able to detect the device. 
         DC-Unlocker may detect the device as MF 28 which is a similar model.