Apr 3, 2014

Portable router needed for Mac Book Air

tejas potdar
Ques. Hi, i have Macbook Air 2013. I want to buy a wifi device for accessing the Internet in Macbook. I am not willing to buy dongles as i came to know from reviews that it will drain the battery in short time. i am searching for portable wifi router with sim card slot for sim card and Ethernet port so i can use both 3G or wired net.
please suggest me the product that i can buy in affordable range and good compatibility with future technology may be 4G.
Also the device should be able to work as plug -n-play and can be operational either by wall socket supply or laptop usb charging.

Ans.  You are searching for portable router for your Mac Book Air.
          That should be 3g/4g  and also have an Ethernet port.

3g/ 4g connectivity is alright as it is a must, but Ethernet port is not required as far as MBA(Mac Book Air) is concerned as it self does not have one. 

So, We will recommend you a simple portable rechargeable WiFi router. that you can carry in your pocket any where.


Here you would have to insert 3g sim in the routers to get them going.
  • Huawei E586 Data Card

  • TP-LINK M5350 Mobile Wi-Fi Sim Card Router

3g and 4g-category

  • TP-Link TL-MR3040 Battery Powered Portable 3G /4G Wireless N Router

Here you also need to buy a 3/4g dongle in order to create portable wifi.
As there is no sim card slot in this device . the usb port in the device is for dongle.

This one also has an Ethernet port.

all the above routers have battery life of around 4 to 5 hrs. 

We would recommend you to go for TP-LINK M5350 as it is small, portable and hassle free.

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