Apr 6, 2014

Bluetooth headsets vs wired headsets for music

Shaila Patil

Ques. Is Nokia BH 503 compatible with the Lumia 625? Please suggest some over the ear headsets wireless (preferably) and wired for lumia 625 for calls as well as music.

Ans. Yes, BH 503 is compatible with all Lumia Devices. The design associated with the BH503 is a bit uncomfortable in my opinion as it is an around the neck design. It is also an over the ear design so its sound quality will lack the thumpy bass offered by the in-ear wired headphones. Do note that there will be a noticeable difference in quality when using bluetooth headsets over their wired counterparts. Nokia BH 111 bluetooth headset and this sony headset are good alternatives at this price band as it as these are an in-ear design. Other bluetooth stereo headsets are very highly priced. If you are looking for only voice calls then these should be more than enough for you. If you want a wired headset with mic then go for any sennheiser headset.


  1. Hello,
    According to me bluetooth headsets are good as compared with wired headphones. I use wireless headsets for listening music a, movies, and enjoy matches.
    Sennheiser stereo bluetooth headsets are good.

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  4. Bluetooth headsets sales have been more than doubling on a global basis for the last several years. We are talking in the hundreds of millions sold. So what is the hype?