Apr 26, 2014

I want to buy a mobile phone under Rs 10000

Query by Khurram
Ques. I want to buy a mobile phone under Rs 10000 which should have good 3G connectivity , front facing camera, wifi, good battery backup, reliable brand, etc.
Please help

Apr 19, 2014

The changing face of the music industry

“To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn,” the everlasting song of The Byrds, perhaps echoes in the halls of the music industry. In today’s world, there is more music available than before, yet, people are not listening to it on CDs but they are listening via other channels. Calling it a problem of choice would be saying that this trend is undesirable. Nevertheless, the internet has reared its ugly head causing the sales of CDs, tapes or records decline by around 40% in Britain alone, since 2001. One of the biggest drops took place in Japan that is considered one of the biggest CD markets; fell by 6% in 2008 and around 24% in 2009. 

Apr 13, 2014

How to Root Sony Experia E !

Shauryanaditya Singh
Ques. i can not get correct configuration for rooting my mobile phone xperia e c1504. how to do it correctly so that basic functions work awesome.

Apr 6, 2014

Bluetooth headsets vs wired headsets for music

Shaila Patil

Ques. Is Nokia BH 503 compatible with the Lumia 625? Please suggest some over the ear headsets wireless (preferably) and wired for lumia 625 for calls as well as music.

Apr 3, 2014

Portable router needed for Mac Book Air

tejas potdar
Ques. Hi, i have Macbook Air 2013. I want to buy a wifi device for accessing the Internet in Macbook. I am not willing to buy dongles as i came to know from reviews that it will drain the battery in short time. i am searching for portable wifi router with sim card slot for sim card and Ethernet port so i can use both 3G or wired net.
please suggest me the product that i can buy in affordable range and good compatibility with future technology may be 4G.
Also the device should be able to work as plug -n-play and can be operational either by wall socket supply or laptop usb charging.