Mar 17, 2014

Should i buy Philips shs 390 headphone ???

vishal sharma

Ques. Is Philips shs 390 headphone compatible with Micromax Canvas 2 ?
Micromax earphones have distorted sound , i dont like them Previously Nokia earphones were working fine but now they don't fit into jack , it got loose

I am considering seriously to buy Philips headphone and please suggest some good headphones also.

Ans.  Yes PHilips SHS 390 Headphone is compatible with Micromax canvas 2, as the headphone jack is 3.5mm and Micromax canvas also has a standardized 3.5mm jack socket. 
3.5 mm audio jack is a universal standard and all the cell phones + laptops + tablets from any manufacturer support it. 

We would recommend you to not to buy Philips SHS 390 as it is an over the ear headphone and won't provide you with noise isolation. Sound quality is also average and you would only be able to enjoy the music when there is no noise around you.
So, to truly enjoy music it is better to go for in year headphones. In this segment there is a clear winner from our side.
i.e. CREATIVE  EP-630 it offers a better reliability than other brands out there and amazing overall sound quality with deep thumpy bass.

 Another option we would suggest you is Sound Magic ES 18.   


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    indicative prices please

    1. Both headphones are in range of Rs.400 - 700.

  2. i would suggest you to buy it here Philips HL1645, you can avail cashback and many discount.

  3. i think you can go for it and try Music Apps settings to gain more sound for your headphones