Mar 14, 2014

How to fix flash player problem in Google Chrome?

Do you prefer to choose Google chrome over any other browser? Is it your default browser like many of us? Well, then how you could be unaware of this too common problem with chrome. And that is “Flash player crash”. This happens too often and usually when you're streaming videos which require Shockwave Flash Player to function.

Why does the Flash Player Crash?
We have seen this problem occuring many a times and we decided to dig deep to know why does it happen. Google chrome comes with a pre-installed version of Flash player.And what we do is download and install Adobe Flash Player. Google chrome now runs both installed adobe flash player simultaneously resulting in plugin conflict and ultimately crashing down itself. Let's see how to fix this issue and get going.

How to fix Flash Player Crash issue (Run on Demand)?
There's no point keeping both flash player installed on your browser. You can easily disable the flash player and enable it only when required. To disable the flash player, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Open Google Chrome and Go to “Settings”.
Step 2: On the Settings Menu, Choose “Show advanced settings”.
Step 3: Under advanced settings, Go to Privacy -> Content Settings.
You can directly jump onto content settings, using this shortcut :
Step 4: On content settings menu, choose “ Click to Play” under Plug-ins.

Now everytime you stream a video, you should see a placeholder in the video box and other flash content. The flash content won't display now until you click on the placeholder.This is one way to prevent Google chrome to crash while streaming videos. The other way is to disable one version of flash player installed on your Google Chrome.
Follow the steps below to disable flash player:
Step 1 : Open Google Chrome and use the following path in the URL and hit enter:
bar: chrome://plugins/

Step 2:Under the plugin menu, if you notice Adobe Flash Player followed by (2 files), that means chrome has two version of flash player installed.

Step 3: To disble one version of flash player, click “Details” on the right side of the window. Now you can see in detail what and how many versions of flash player are installed on your browser.

Step 4: Disable on of them (preferably Adobe's Version).

Step 5: Save changes and restart your browser.

Step 6: To make sure everything is working fine,type the following URL into web address :
 bar: chrome://conflicts/

That's it. You are done. If you still face same problem with your browser, try disbaling two versions alternatively to see which version causes the crash.

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