Mar 14, 2014

How Media & Entertainment Companies Can Push The Tempo?

What is the most effective way in which media companies meet the latest customer trends? 
Automation is the need of the hour that is pervading across all sciences and channels. With the need to have IT solutions, automation is, perhaps, the only way in which media and entertainment companies are meeting efficient delivery services and resources. Desktop upgrades are among the important current demands that will enhance the capabilities of media and entertainment companies to meet their targets and required solutions.

Where Gaps Are Filled:
Amongst the volley of problems that are faced within the system, HCL Tech, a well-known prominent technological expert has ensured that the following technological upgrades for desktop management can meet the requirements for media and entertainment companies:
Relooking at the Windows 7 compatibility versions by enhancing the Hardware and the software inventory.
Planning and redesigning the Windows 7 SOE image along with its Deployment Infrastructure.
Recommending a roadmap by assessing the current compatibility and deployment infrastructure
Meeting cost estimates by building and implementing a project that has a rollout plan for Windows 7.

What Will The Upgrade Look Like?
With Accelerators such as the Microsoft Services Ready accelerators, one can implement the accelerated delivery approach.
Ensuring standardization across the complete organization such as a Single SOE image.
Ensuring that the application remedies are available to improve the implementation of strategy and plans, even for non-compatible applications.
Improving the solutions for Microsoft Desktop Optimization.
Show me the money: Greater Perspective for media companies-
A solutions roadmap after refreshing the budget required for technology can gain better perspective.
One-stop-shop for migrating Windows 7 along with the factory services that enhances synergies.
Achieving quicker ROI for tool based app remedies and its validation services that improve any certification process.
Improving cost savings with dedicated onshore & offshore facilities and its shared factory delivery model.
Best practices with partnership help improved the overall synergy of systems.

The above article has been written by Experts at HCL Technologies. To know more about the topic, please check an interesting and informative whitepaper on the subject published by HCL Technologies.

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