Mar 1, 2014

FREEKALL: To call anywhere free even If you dont have Internet

There are times when we do run out of balance or we don't want to pay for a call, So to Solve that purpose FREEKALL has launched a service where you can call free of cost that too without using any app or the support of internet. So still feeling amazed? Then read the full article to know how.

A lot of firms are trying to solve the problem of connectivity by providing us with the VOIP applications that we can use to make a call or even video chat without paying any fee provided we do have a decent internet connection but then what about the rest of population who can afford or have access to Internet, how they will unleash the service of free calling, So for the folks like those here is the service FREEKALL that they can use to have the luxury of free calling.

To use FREEKALL calling service users have to call on 080-49202060 after which they will receive a call back from the service, after receiving that call users can dial the number of person they want to call & then FREEKALL will bridge the calls of these two persons. Initially users can use only 3min/day of free calling without registering & if you are a free registered user they you can use 12min/day of free calling.

So if you are still thinking that how they do it then i must tell you that there is no such thing as free lunch so they will be earning from you when you have to listen to an ad for 10 seconds. While making a call first two minutes will be normal after that users have to listen to in call advertisements.
So that might sound a bit irritating but then they are providing you with free calling.

So that service might come handy if you are out of babalnce & cant unleash your fast internet in a remote location.


  1. very excekent freekall

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    u can even use 08067683693 to make free calls

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