Mar 11, 2014

Airtel 4g Lte Router Range extension

Ques. Hi, I have a 4g lte zte airtel MF29 router but the range is quite less of around 30 feet and hence no access on my first floor rooms. Kindly let me know if Netgear universal wifi extender will resolve this issue and is it compatible with the Airtel 4G LTE MF29 router???


Many users are facing the issue of range with this router as the antennas are in built in it and these antennas have a low gain of 3 db . With every Wall or roof encountered in the signal path the signal weakens thus leaving the user with no WiFi signal at the corners of the house or as in your case another floor.

Many use a  solution to this as a wifi repeater and to make it more effective you can place the router in the center of the house so that radius of coverage increases substantially. 

Yes, Netgear  universal extender will solve this problem.
and yes, it is compatible with Airtel 4G LTE MF29.

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