Feb 24, 2014

Voice calls to be introduced in WhatsApp!!!!

Voice calls are going to be introduced in WhatsApp just after facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn.It is going to open a new in its war on the cost of mobile communications by introducing free voice calls within months.

The announcement was made at the Mobile World congress.Jan Koum,WhatsApp CEO and co-founder made an announcement regarding the voice calls.He said "We are going to introduce Voice in WhatsApp in the second quarter of the year.We want to make sur people always have the ability to stay in touch and call their friends and family,and their loved ones and can do it easily and affordably."

He also added saying that "We think we have the best voice product out there we use the least amount of bandwidth and we optmise the hell out of it.“The same values of the leading messaging platform in the world will be the same on voice. We’re going to focus on simplicity and we will make sure the same gold standard will be applied.”

The introduction of voice call in WhatsApp will be a challenge as well as threat to both the mobile operators and also the free video calling app "Skype" owned by Microsoft.
This Facility will be first available for the iPhone and Android users and will be followed by the Windows phone and BlackBerry users.

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