Feb 20, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 720 or the Samsung Galaxy S3

sharan ahuja
Ques. i want to buy a smartphone. i am thinking of buying galaxy s3 but i am confused as it is 2 generations old now. i also like nokia lumia 720 and i am thinking to buy it. tell me which 1 should i go for? i know there is a big price diff b/w them but still. my priorities are good camera and good storage space.
tell me 1 more thing that when will nokia lumia 725 launch in india?
ANS. These days toughest decision of people seems to be choosing a platform with a platform that they can rely upon, as we have mentioned earlier also that it is really a important decision considering the role phones play in our personal as well as professional life by providing the seamless connectivity. Android is surely roaring out there with the huge share of market & number of apps but Windows Phone is a platfrom that offers you a different as well a refreshed UI to deal with. So the question still persists Nokia Lumia 720 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 ? Lets find out then.

Before considering the platform lets talk about hardware where Samsung Galaxy S3 does score par with Lumia 720 but knowing the aspect that Windows Phone can run run smoothly on even the minimal resources Lumia 720 does come out a clear winner.

As you mentioned camera your priority then i would recommended Lumia 720 as it comes with a 6.7 MP Shooter with Carl Zeiss lens that can really give Galaxy S3 its run for money.

On the memory front Galaxy S3 does score par as it has got 16GB internal memory against Just 8GB of Nokia Lumia.

Now talking about the platforms then Android seems similar to what Symbian was with icons & Slide panels whereas Windows Phone offers you a different look by offering everything in front of you through that Metro UI. Though Windows Phone is low on apps but I m pretty sure you will find everything you need in the store.

Considering the generations then Galaxy S3 is receiving the Kitkat update & there are chances that Lumia 720 will also receive the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 so both of these doesn't sound old knowing the fact that their hardware is well capable of running the OS updates perfectly. 

My verdict will go for Lumia 720 over Galaxy S3. As far as the case of Lumia 725 is considered then Nokia will surely plan on a successor to Lumia 720 and if they do then for sure it will come to India. Nokia Might announce the Lumia 725 at the MWC later this month.

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