Feb 20, 2014

The 5 alternatives for the Whatsapp

After the Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp many people might want to switch away from this smartphone messaging client considering their own constraints against the deal. So just to mention that there are other apps you can switch too without worrying about becoming a lone warrior in the messaging field as they also got a huge amount of share & the best thing is they are absolutely free. So Here goes the list.

The first app that makes to our list is the China based IM client WeChat. This Tencent owned Chat client is often dubbed with the Likes of Facebook Considering its capabilties of running a parrallel social network through it & the gaming features it boasts of though the gaming feature is not yet available outside of China but still if you want something other than Whatsapp then it should be the app to go for.

The other app to make into the list is the Japan based Line app. The Line offers a lot more then just messaging, like group chats, image & video sharing, voice calls & you can play games with friends via the app. Its a freemium app so you can get it free of cost but if you want to spend some money then you can do that for virtual things like stickers & games. The app will soon brought in the features like music & Shopping. So even they are trying to create a social network of their own.

How can we forgot to mention BBM when we are discussing the IM apps as recently they went multi platform way to provide users with their famous BBM. I don't think think we need to describe much about the app as its name is enough though i would like to mention that recently they introduced features that makes it equally comparable to app on Blackberry only lack is that it is still Available for Android, iOS & Blackberry.

The other app to make to the list is the Kik messenger. The thing that made it famous is that to signup for Kik you dont need a number phone number so you can use it in tablets, iPads or other devices that doesnt take the sim cards. To use Kik all you need is to pick a username, provide a email address & you are ready to go with it. So if you really want a cross platform IM app then it is the solution.

How can we forgot to mention our indigenously developed IM app the Hike.  Hike which boasts of features like sending a text to people who don't even use the app at no cost, which really makes it stand out of the crowd of IM apps. Hike can also earn you benefits like recharge when you invite other people to join it. So if you are looking for an app that not only fullfill the needs of IM app plus the text messages at no cost then Hike should be your option.

So here was our list of the alternative apps if you want to make a switch away from the Whatsapp.

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